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Dear Colleagues

The Southern African Society of Legal Historians is starting a podcast project. The aims of the project are:

  • To improve the Society’s visibility and to bring the topic of legal history into the future;
  • To make legal history relevant and interesting to a new generation of students and academics;
  • To engage in continuous discussion on relevant legal historical topics;
  • To educate students on topics important in the field of legal history;
  • To bring recent or important publications to the attention of colleagues and students of legal history; and
  • To create a community of legal historians across the globe.

  • We invite all academics, subject matter experts and interested parties to submit podcasts to our website. If new to the concept, creating a podcast may seem to be a daunting challenge, but the Society is willing to assist with all technical aspects of the recording.

    Although you are most welcome to address any legal historical topic in your podcast, we also include below the following suggestions on potential themes, namely:

  • An overview of an article or a book that you published (this does not have to be a recent publication);
  • A discussion or review of a book or article of interest or importance to the field (again, this does not have to be a recent publication);
  • A dialogue, discussion or interview with one or more colleagues on any topic related to legal history;
  • A legal historical topic that you teach (the recording may then be made available to your students); or
  • A formal lecture on any topic (please feel free to repurpose a lecture presented at a conference).

  • The topic of your podcast may be related to legal historical content of any country, region or period. If you have any other ideas, you are welcome to contact Philip Bothma (Philip.Bothma@nwu.ac.za) to discuss these.

    You are welcome to choose any one of the following methods to produce your podcast:

  • Recording your podcast using Audacity. This video provides more information on how to record with Audacity, which is downloadable for free: https://youtu.be/fshLRl3GWqE ;
  • Scheduling a Zoom/Teams meeting and recording it;
  • Requesting me to schedule a Zoom/Teams meeting on your behalf;
  • Requesting me to assist you with the recording if you prefer not to be alone in the meeting;
  • Uploading the entire video to the Podcast Google Folder. I will then strip the audio from the video and edit the audio. If I recorded the video/meeting, I will upload and edit the recording.

  • Other technical arrangements:

  • Podcast Google Folder link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sS25b5ZYgncTexMxxYZHK5ghRgONQA1g?usp=sharing
  • Your podcast may be presented in any of the following languages: English, Afrikaans, any indigenous African language, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish or Latin. (If your podcast is in any language other than English, please provide a short summary of the topic in English for the show notes.)
  • The podcast may be as long or as short as you want it to be. (Anything between two minutes and two hours.)
  • You may either present your podcast alone, with me, or with any of your friends or colleagues. The presenter does not have to be a member of the Society.
  • The final product will be made available to you for review before it is uploaded.
  • You will be provided with the link to the podcast once it has been uploaded. You are welcome to share the link on your social media platform or on that of the academic institution you represent.
  • You are welcome to provide me with any information you want included in the podcast notes.
  • The podcast will be uploaded to Anchor, YouTube, and the Society’s website (just audio, no video).

  • If you are interested in participating in this project, please complete the following two forms and send them to Philip Bothma.


    Thank you for being part of this project!