Welcome to the Southern African Society of Legal Historians. Our main objects are to promote an interest in legal history and to bring together people interested in legal history both locally and abroad. We have a variety of activities and projects, so feel free to look at our web site and contact us if you would like to join in. 

The Southern African Society of Legal Historians was founded to promote the study of the South African legal system and its diverse heritage. It has a membership of South African and foreign academics who share an interest in legal history generally, and in particular in the legal history of South Africa.

The aims of the Society as set out in its Constitution are to -

  • Further the teaching and study of and research in legal history;
  • Regularly present conferences in order to discuss legal history and related matters;
  • Publish a legal history journal; and
  • Encourage contact and co-operation between legal historians, legal historical societies and other interested organisations in South Africa and abroad.